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Escape to Huatulco, Oaxaca

Santa Maria Huatulco offers you the opportunity of enjoying a perfect escapade from the daily routine. Located 5 hours from the Oaxacan capital city, Huatulco, with its 9 bays and 36 beaches offers a wide array of options for all tastes; outdoor activities, rappelling, zip lines and tours to waterfalls are chosen by ecotourism lovers, while diving and snorkeling are a must for those who rather enjoying sunny days visiting the wonderful beaches of Huatulco, which are authentic paradises of turquoise blue waters home to a wonderful submarine world to be discovered.

La Crucecita is the heart and center of Huatulco, Oaxaca. Its small and picturesque central park is surrounded by hotels, craft shops and a church that is known for having Latin America’s largest Virgin of Guadalupe. Plus, this area of Huatulco gathers a big amount of restaurants where you’ll taste the delicious typical food of Oaxaca.

Remember that Hotel Azul Sirena has a tourist information desk where you can get options of Huatulco activities and attractions.

What to Visit in Huatulco, Mexico:

1. The 9 Bays and 36 Beaches:

The bays of Conejos, Tangolunda, Santa Cruz, Chahue, Maguey, Organo, Cacaluta, Chachacual and San Agustin are the main tourist attraction of Huatulco since the 36 beautiful beaches are distributed throughout them. The Santa Cruz Bay and the beach of the same name are among the main popular destinations because of their quiet waters.

2. Yee Lo Bee Butterfly Sanctuary:

It’s Mexico’s largest butterfly sanctuary, with 33 different species of butterflies in a 998.28 m² exhibition area. It’s only 7 minutes away from the Huatulco Hotel Zone and opens its doors Monday through Sunday from 9:00 to 17:00 hours, with guided visits until 16:00 hours.

3. Tours to the Copalitilla Waterfalls and Coffee Plantations:

About one hour and a half from Huatulco, the Copalitilla Waterfalls in San Miguel del Puerto are an attraction of unmatched beauty that you can easily explore. You can swim in their waters, enjoy a zip line, rappel and even visit the coffee plantations in the heights of the Sierra Madre.

4. City Tour:

Taking a City Tour in Huatulco will allow you visiting some of the destination’s most iconic attractions, including La Crucecita and its church, El Faro and main attractions, in just one day.

5. Punta Celeste Archaeological Zone:

In the southern area of the Tangolunda Bay, in the Botazoo Ecological Park, is this mixteca archaeological site distinguished by its jungle-like landscapes and ocean view. There are ancient cemeteries, ballgame, small pyramids and other structures, and even when the access is restricted it is possible to admire a part of this invaluable archaeological site of Huatulco.